Being Yourself Makes Your Attractive

While I was at the conference for heart-centered entrepreneurs in LA a couple of weeks ago, I learned a rather hard lesson…

Sometimes it takes a really big conscious effort to fully be yourself.

I’ve known for a long time how important it is to be yourself, and it’s something I try to do in every aspect of my life. But in LA I realised that in some situations it can be a real challenge. For me personally, being myself is most difficult when networking in person at events and in social situations. I have an ongoing struggle between being my true goofy self vs trying to present an image of professionalism and success. Well I met some people who made me confront my fears and I found myself having the confidence to step fully into being just me.

As a result of that, I noticed that I suddenly seemed to be attracting a lot more people who just wanted to come up to me and introduce themselves. By the end of the conference I had made some amazing connections, some of which I’m sure will be life-long friendships.

So the moral of my little story here, is that when you can truly be yourself, without the pretensions, with all your quirky uniqueness, then you naturally become really attractive. This works in business as well as in love. So whether you are trying to cultivate better business relationships, or you are hoping to attract a romantic soul mate, just be yourself. When you do that, you attract the highest quality relationships that are more aligned with who you really are.

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