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  • Yogi Philosophy: The Yoga Beyond Asanas

    The yoga postures, or asanas, are only a tiny part of true yoga, and are not even necessary to attain the goal of yoga. The goal of yoga is to become one with your divine nature. If you are consciously working towards that then you are practicing yoga.

  • Dealing With Emotional Blocks: Get Creative or… Have Sex!

    Frustration, bad moods, irritableness, short-temper, can all be symptoms of emotional blocks. Emotional blocks develop when your energy isn’t able to flow freely. Energy can change form when it gets blocked, and results in emotional disturbances. When you can channel your energy into creative expression it is able to flow freely through your being. In the process you release those emotional blocks and achieve inner peace. Of course another way to let off that steam is to have some great sex!

  • Living in the Now: Alan Watts video

    “You can’t live at all, unless you can live fully now.” Not living in the present leads to so much stress and unhappiness.

  • Divorce, Loss, Gratitude

    Divorce, Loss, and Gratitude: A Personal Look Back at 2014

    2014 was a tough year for me. But it was also an incredible journey in which I learnt so much and grew in ways I could never have imagined. It was the year I had to go through the trauma of a divorce… something that I thought would never happen to me.

  • Intuition

    Intuition: The best advice you will ever get

    “I have a difficult life decision to make and I don’t know what to do!” How often have you said something like that to yourself?  Quite a few times I bet, right? …

  • Intuition

    Intuition: What the Scientists Say

    Where does intuition come from? Several researchers have linked intuition with specific “body cues”, suggesting that the body’s responses can be used as a means of recognising and using intuition. Our brain and nervous system are continuously receiving literally massive amounts of information that we are not consciously aware of. Beneath the surface of our awareness there is a whole other universe of activity. From time to time intuition allows us brief access to that great databank, and throws into our conscious mind some information that we have no idea where it came from.

  • Intuition

    Intuition – The Sixth Sense?

    We are all aware of our five physical senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. But not all of us are aware of that which is known popularly as the sixth sense. In my own experience this “sixth sense” is in fact simply the mind. Part of my way of life as a monk involved training and enhancing the senses. I noticed that through years of discipline, hard work, and Divine Grace, the mind can be applied to each of the physical senses to act as a sort of extension which seems to enable them to function beyond the normal physical limits that we are commonly used to. The Hindu mystics often alluded to this extension as “the third eye”.

  • Live in the Present Moment: 8 Tips for Being “Here and Now”

    Do you want the secret to happiness, fulfilment, and enlightenment? Well here it is:

  • Patanjali's Eight Limbs of Yoga

    Patanjali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga: Ancient Spirituality for Modern Life

    The Eight Limbs of Yoga are a comprehensive system of non-religious spiritual training and practice. They provide a general guide specially designed for a healthy, well-rounded personal growth. Within this framework you can get clear on your values, and develop yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The beauty of this system is that you can adapt it to your own personal beliefs and lifestyle, and apply it in a practical way for a busy modern life. It is perfect for anyone who has a longing for more spiritual connection but doesn’t want to get involved with institutionalised religion.

  • spirituality for love and relationships

    How to Solve Relationship Problems by Using Your Spirituality

    Problems in relationships are inevitable. No matter how compatible or in love you are with each other, sooner or later you’ll run into problems of one kind or another. That’s just part of being in a relationship.

    Connect with the deeper, more spiritual part of yourself, and you will develop a self-confidence that others will notice and admire. Then the ripples of your inner personal growth will radiate outwards into your relationship, and into the awareness of your partner too.

  • Life Purpose

    Understanding Your Life Purpose

    People often think of life purpose as some specific contribution or function they should have, such as teaching others, being a parent, or raising awareness about environmental issues. The truth is that these things, fantastic as they are, are simply different expressions of a more fundamental underlying life purpose, which is to realise your Divinity and bring to the world the light of your genuine true self.

  • Vegetarian, spiritual

    Must I be Vegetarian to be Spiritual?

    Becoming vegetarian or vegan is a natural step for many who are on the spiritual path. But if liberation and spiritual consciousness are what you are truly yearning for then take care…

  • smartphone, monastery

    First Days Outside the Monastery #7 – My First Mobile Phone

    During my years in the monastery many things in the world outside were rapidly advancing and changing. When I entered the monastery, mobile phones were those huge clunky things about the size…

  • Keys to successful relationships

    5 Less Obvious Keys to a Successful Relationship

    If you feel that in spite of having love, communication, and trust, there is still something wrong with your relationship perhaps you are missing the other, often overlooked, keys to a successful relationship, which are all about working on yourself.

  • Monastery

    First Days Outside the Monastery #6 – A Ghostly Encounter

    As I drew up level with the building I had the impression that I was walking into a thick bubble of gelatinous energy surrounding this ancient structure. The air here seemed heavy and cold. I had to make an extra effort to move against the resistance, almost like walking through water.

  • Boy monk praying

    Applied Spirituality Tip #6

    Don’t just believe in God. Experience God! The Divine is real and it wants you to experience it… but you won’t experience it if your prayers and affirmations are just words. You have to give your prayers real energy and power. You have to show the Divine that you are desperate and serious about experiencing its grace. Start today… cry out to the Divine with all your heart’s desire that you want to experience it and know the reality of spiritual consciousness.

  • girl_with_a_pearl_earring

    First Days Outside the Monastery #5 – The Paintings Are Alive!

    As I stepped through the doorway and walked along the hallway I was surprised by the way in which the objects of the house called out to me! Especially the paintings.

  • Applied Spirituality Tip #5

    The past is finished and beyond recovery. The future hasn’t happened yet. Neither of them exist in reality. Live in the present. Trust and let go of the things that are blocking your freedom to be yourself.

  • London city

    First Days Outside the Monastery #4 – London Underground Shock

    For the last 11 years all I had seen each day were a few animals, the other monks, and some visiting pilgrims. Entering the London Tube system was a daunting experience. Here I was about to come into uncomfortably close proximity to characters of every conceivable type… homeless, alcoholics, Goths who look like the walking dead, punks itching for a fight, cold-looking businessmen, scantily-dressed wild teenagers, heavy-metal freaks covered in tattoos and multiple body-piercings, and (possibly the most frightening) over-zealous religious fanatics trying to convert anyone in their path.

  • why am i unhappy

    Why Am I Unhappy? How to Avoid an Unhappy Life

    Have you ever asked yourself “Why am I unhappy?”

    Me too. I maybe a spiritual life coach but I’m not continuously in a state of prefect happiness! I’m human just like you.

    But I can tell you why you sometimes feel unhappy. And it involves recognising the psychological forces unconsciously driving your behaviour. Once you understand how these tendencies are manifesting in your life, you have the chance to take more control of your mood, and to create the conditions for more happiness.