Co-creation: A Spiritual Way of Working

I know it seems like the world has gone bonkers and everything is going down the drain.

But in spite of all the screwed-up shit that’s going on, there is a huge shift in personal spiritual growth and awareness happening around the globe. Surely you must have felt it?

One of the expressions of this spiritual level of consciousness, is the way of working and doing business.

In the past, we were educated to believe that we had to compete against others in order to “win”. But that model is outdated. Today, you can achieve exponentially more success through collaboration and co-creation.

I love that term, co-creation. The word is so imbued with possibility, especially in a spiritual context. Co-creation could be as simple as meaning to collaborate with colleagues, or it could be as profound as meaning to work with the divine flow of the Universe.

In any case the important thing is to understand that one of the best ways to get success in anything is to work together.

Going it alone and isolated is needlessly difficult and stressful.

Working with someone, with a team, with a friend’s support, or with the guidance of the Universe, is infinitely more rewarding.


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