I would be very surprised if you have never thought about the question of your life’s purpose. It is my impression that so many people do not know their purpose in life.

I find it very sad that someone can go through life, struggling to make a living, trying to be happy, without knowing why they are here, or why they are even doing the things they are doing.

So many people seem to be doing work that they don’t really like in order to earn a living to survive, so that they can go on doing that very same work.

To quote Alan Watts, “It’s absolutely stupid to do things you don’t like, in order to go on doing things you don’t like!”

It’s not your life purpose to be stuck in circumstances where you cannot be your true self.


Your life purpose is the same as mine.

We all have the same purpose in life, and that is to realise our divinity.

You have within you the spark of the Divine. Within you is the seed of Universal Consciousness. It is the eternal spiritual Self, which is independent of religious or spiritual beliefs. When you go within and connect with it you will discover the incredible power and joy that lies at the heart of your being.

When you realise that you are Divine by nature, that you are more than just this body and personality, then you will start to truly manifest your life purpose.

Your life purpose is about being your true self.


People often think of life purpose as some specific contribution or function they should have, such as teaching others, being a parent, or raising awareness about environmental issues. The truth is that these things, fantastic as they are, are simply different expressions of a more fundamental underlying life purpose, which is to realise your divinity and bring to the world the light of your genuine true self.


Your life purpose is to bring your light into the world.


The way you do that is completely unique. Your own light shines with a hue of colour that is not found anywhere else in the entire universe. You are the only one that can manifest this particular frequency of Divine light. If you were not on this Earth, then the world would be incomplete. It would be missing your unique and special contribution.

You can shine your light more clearly when you are being your true, authentic self. When you stop trying to please others, when you stop trying to be someone you are not, when you start to live 100% according to you highest values, when you accept who you are, when you proudly and fearlessly step into your genuine self, then you will be manifesting your life purpose.

When you do that your life purpose will naturally find a way of expressing itself. Whether that be through your family, through your work, or through your social life, you will find that your circumstances will gradually, or perhaps suddenly, change to reflect your authentic way of living.

Sometimes that change may be turbulent and uncomfortable. You may lose old relationships that no longer serve your higher purpose. You may lose a financially secure job that was suffocating you, but finally giving you release to be who you truly are. Friends and family may want to drag you back down to being the old, false you.

These challenges are part of the growing pains of spiritual awakening, and are a sign that unimaginably wonderful things are about to come into your life.

When you connect with your spiritual Self, you get the strength and courage to bring your light to the world around you. You will feel an intuitive guidance to start making changes in your life that will let you manifest your life purpose.

The more you are in touch with the spiritual side of yourself, the more you will be living your purpose. As time goes by the particular ways in which you bring your light to the world will change. For example as a parent, your children will eventually become adults, and the expression of your life purpose within that context will then change. Or you may be bringing your light into the unpleasant environment where you work, uplifting those around you, and bringing a smile to someone’s face. Then one day your career may take a sudden turn and you will end up bringing your light into a completely new situation for a very different purpose.

All the time, however, you are connecting with your divinity and bringing that light into the lives of those around you.

Find your life purpose with these simple steps:

  1. Go within to connect with your spiritual Self.
  2. Decide to stop trying to be someone you are not.
  3. Learn to say “NO” sometimes.
  4. In any given situation ask yourself, on a scale of 1 to 10 how authentic am I being?
  5. Get clear on your highest values.
  6. When making decisions ask yourself: Is this in alignment with my values?
  7. Ask yourself: How can I bring my light into this situation?


Remember that you are a special and Divinely gifted person. You carry within you the light and joy of the eternal spirit that is your essence.

When you start to live in the presence of that Divine bliss, your joy and contentment will touch the lives of those around you. Everyone with whom you come into contact will feel the warmth of the light you shine. That light will shine more brightly when you have the courage to be your true genuine self.

Bring your light into the world. Go fearlessly into any situation of your life, and let the strength of your authentic self inspire and uplift all those around you, at home, at work, and in your relationships. This is your life purpose. Step into it, and own the power of who you truly are.


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