Personal Growth Can be Painful

I recently had a tough time facing up to some ugly stuff that was lurking inside me.

A good friend of mine spoke very directly and frankly to me about something I did that was very selfish.

It really wasn’t a big deal, but it was a symptom of how I had been getting rather self-centred lately. It made me think long and hard about what was going on inside me, about how I had been getting too complacent in my comfort zone.

It was a hard lesson, but a very important one for my personal growth, and my spiritual and emotional well-being.

Confronting your ego is really hard

Sure you can have sublime moments of transcendence and meditation where you feel peace and detachment from the ego.

But in the nitty gritty of real life, you often have to deal with your ego head on.

Overcoming your ego frequently requires acceptance, recognition, and understanding of whatever it is your ego is getting inflated about.

And it’s really hard to accept something about yourself that you don’t like. In fact, realising that you have some dark stuff to deal with is painful and can result in much internal suffering and soul-searching.

But when you understand your ego-triggers, you can learn the lesson and free yourself of your ego’s grip in that particular issue. That’s how we grow, and little by little, change those darker aspects of ourselves.

Without that willingness to accept our faults, and reflect on the lessons we need to learn when our ego gets us into trouble, we will never move forward. Instead the negative cycle of suffering just continues.

It requires more courage to recognise and face up to our ego, thank it does to shirk away and stay in our comfort zone of self-ignorance, which only leads to more suffering anyway.

The path of self-knowledge is rocky and often very uncomfortable. But it brings freedom to your spirit and profound peace to your heart.

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