Simplicity – Less is More

During my life as a monk in a hindu monastery for 11 years, I knew what true simplicity meant. And it really does make room for inner happiness.

But simplicity isn’t about not having possessions. It’s about not being owned by your possessions.

When you aren’t so obsessed about the material things in your life, you have more space within to feel happy. If you met someone that was genuinely happy, you would most likely discover that they lived a relatively simple life, valuing things of deeper connection. Enjoying friendships, love, and nature, rather than being preoccupied with their physical possession.

This concept of simplicity should also be applied to the non-tangible things in your life. Simplify your worries, your emotional dramas, your regrets, and don’t stress about imaginary things in your mind.

It’s a challenge to live a more simple life, but you can cultivate that way of living, little by little. Each week think of one thing that you can let go of, to make more space for happiness.

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