Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Coaching

What is Spiritual Coaching?

Spiritual coaching is just amazing!  Connecting with yourself at a deep level, understanding your purpose in life, finding a higher meaning in the everyday things that you do, living with an unshakeable sense of fulfilment and contentment.

It is a specialisation within the field of Life Coaching.  Aside from developing your inner connection with the spiritual part of you, Spiritual Coaching addresses many of the same issues as general Life Coaching but working from the inside out.  Instead of working to resolve problems from the outside, Spiritual Coaching first focuses on achieving your sense of inner harmony and balance.  When you are living in alignment with your spiritual nature it becomes a hundred times easier to resolve difficulties in other aspects of your life.  In fact you will often find that they just seem to resolve themselves!

The great thing about Spiritual Coaching is that it is completely independent of any preconceived ideas of religious or cultural beliefs.  You do not need to be “religious” to qualify for Spiritual Coaching.  You only need to have a desire to go beyond the mundane and connect with yourself at a deeper level to identify with your spiritual nature.

Spiritual Coaching is…

What does a Spiritual Coach do?

A spiritual coach acts as your partner, and guides you along as you discover and identify with your individual spirituality.  A spiritual coach is someone who is already well-established in their own spirituality.  They have a background rooted in spirituality and have passed through the challenges and obstacles commonly encountered on the spiritual path.  Using their experience and specialised techniques they can intuitively coach you through the doubts and limitations of your own mind.  From their external viewpoint they can see things that you may not be able to, and can offer you new perspectives.

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What are the benefits of Spiritual Coaching?

As Spiritual Coaching focuses on your inner-most being you have the opportunity to bring about a transformation within yourself at the most fundamental level.  When you realize that happiness and fulfilment are conditions that come from within then you start to live your life with a strong sense of meaning and purpose.  Inner balance and harmony become a part of your everyday nature.  You develop self-confidence and certainly about your path in life.  This has a ripple effect throughout other aspects of your life… in your relationships, your family, your job, and your business.  As you ground yourself in your inner strength, your life around you changes to reflect your sense of inner peace.  The challenges of worldly life become easier to negotiate as you stop going against the flow and start living in harmony with your soul’s purpose.

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Why choose Spiritual Coaching?

There could be many different reasons to choose to have Spiritual Coaching, but the principal common thread would be that you are looking for something more to life.  Whilst you may have achieved many of the dreams you had, you may be in a great job, and/or you may have a lovely family with fantastic kids and spouse… still you feel that something is missing.  You still feel that you need more meaning to life.  Maybe you’ve been thinking about exploring the spiritual side of yourself but haven’t made it a focus in your life.  Or perhaps you know where your spiritual path lies, but haven’t been able to manifest it because of your worldly responsibilities.  Maybe you have some specific personal or professional problem and would like to approach it from a spiritual perspective.

Reasons to have Spiritual Coaching are…

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