Things Get Done in the Present Moment

This quote from Mother Teresa is so profound for me. I have it framed and by my desk to inspire me to take action. Mother Teresa was a woman of constant action. It was through action that she expressed her incredible love and spirituality.

These words of hers contain many layers of wisdom.

The past really has no power over you, and anxieties about the future are illusory. When you realise this, then you can tap into the strength and inspiration of the present moment. When you are able to let go of the past and future, you become centred and focused in the Here and Now.

Here, today, now… is where action happens. This moment right now is where you can get things done. Whatever it is that you need to do today… your work, a project, something for your family, your self-healing, or your self-growth. Now is the moment to do it.

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